Procurement Officer


Full Time


Company Info

Al Muhark Security Services LLC

Job Position –Procurement Officer



Primary role

  • To handle all Procurement transaction and being responsible for evaluating suppliers, products, and services, negotiating contracts, and ensuring that approved purchases are cost-efficient and of high quality.

Secondary role

  • To handle the assets of the entity and monitor the assets register to ensure recording all the assets in proper manner, in a proper location and follow up the regular maintenance and other public relations roles.


Procurement tasks

  1. Receiving all the new requestions to purchase new items or services.
  2. Handle all purchasing and procurements request by obtain 3 quotations from 3 different suppliers or vendors.
  3. Preparing Comparison sheet to determine the cheapest quotation with high quality.
  4. Getting approval from managing director.
  5. Requesting purchase order form accounting team after determining the purchasing Conditions (handing, delivery time, payment method, warranty & etc.)
  6. Forward the Purchase order to the chosen vendor and follow up the request.
  7. Receive the items, inspect it then forward all the documents (invoice, delivery note and LPO) to accounting team to proceed the payment.
  8. Record the asset in AMS and assign the same to respective employee.
  9. Maintaining good supplier relations and negotiating contracts.
  10. Maintaining and updating supplier information such as qualifications, delivery times, product ranges, etc.
  11. Researching and evaluating prospective suppliers.
  12. Following and enforcing the company’s procurement policies and procedures.

Asset Management tasks

  1. Contribute to the design and development of the Asset Management System.
  2. Establish the asset management capability of the organization with accounting department.
  3. Ensure all assets are recorded and barcoded in the asset register.
  4. Monitor and review the allocation of assets in accordance with the relevant policy and procedures.
  5. Perform physical asset verification and submit reports.
  6. Monitor and review the capturing of all physical assets in the physical asset management register.
  7. Manage the determination of the asset allocation according to policy and procedure of the organization.
  8. Manage the performance of asset verification according to prescribed time frames.
  9. Compile reports on the state of assets.
  10. Follow asset management procedure for all assets delivered as per policy and procedure – updated asset registers at all times.
  11. Manage the transfer of inter organizational assets.
  12. Follow up the regular maintenance.
  13. Renew Cars insurance policy.
  14. Follow up annual inspection for cars for the purpose of cars registration.
  15. Monitor annual renewal for cars registration.
  16. Ensure that eligible assets are insured and damages to assets are claimed on time.
  17. Manage the disposal process with accounting department.
  18. Handle all public relation tasks (renew trade license, establishment cards & etc.).
  19. Monitor Salik account and ensure availability of balance.
  20. Reviewing RTA account to check fines then share report with HR & accounting teams to deduct it.
  21. Attending meetings as per required and prepare minutes of meeting.
  22. Any other tasks assigned by the management.


  • Bachelor’s degree in related field.
  • 3-year experience in same field.
  • Knowledge of procuring procedures.
  • Thinking and problem-solving ability to analyze data and draw conclusions.
  • Effective negotiation and communication skills.
  • Experience in Cost and Budgeting.


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